Control Your Louvres from Your Smartphone or Device

Louvres are the perfect solution to letting in light and air while keeping out rain and the harsh glare of direct sunlight. Adjustable louvres are even more favourable as they allow the angle of the louvres to be adjusted exactly how they are needed in that moment. However, sometimes you just can't be bothered having to physically get up and adjust the louvres every now and then. The wind changes direction, privacy issues might exist or even dust being blown about and obviously the angle of the sun changes every few minutes - we want to make it simple for you to adjust your louvres as you wish.

The smart way to adjust louvres

The next generation of louvre technology is here. Louvres can now be fitted with motors to be moved automatically with a switch or remote. Taking things a step further, there is now an app that can be installed that can let you control your louvres from your smartphone or device.

The app lets you adjust louvres easily and conveniently. Without the need for rods or other cumbersome adjusting mechanisms, the app gives you the freedom to angle the louvres in just the right way that you need right from where you are sitting.

The next generation of louvres

With the new control features, you can adjust different louvres in different parts of the house the way you want to with complete ease. From being able to keep you louvres completely open or completely shut, you can also adjust them to a range of angles in between.

The app allows you to set a timer so that you can automate the opening and closing of the louvres at any time you choose. Temperature sensors let you programme the louvres to open or close depending on the temperature inside the house. The fully automated system takes a lot of the guesswork out of adjusting and angling the louvres so that they are just right.

Rain sensors can cause the louvres to automatically close to stopping the rainwater from coming in. The new technology has made it possible to adjust, control and programme the entire system from your smartphone or tablet. You can be alerted to changes in temperature and weather conditions and make the necessary changes simply by using your touchscreen.

The future is here and the newest developments in louvre technology can make your home so much smarter. Louvres give you an environmental-friendly way of keeping your home cool and ventilated during the warm summer without the need for air conditioning. With the new louvre technology, you can have all the other benefits as well as the convenience of remotely operating the system.

Louvretec has the latest in louvre technology and we would be happy to guide you on which installment would work best for your home.