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Something New ~ Retract Roof has liftoff


Introducing our new  Retractable Opening Roof.
Enjoy a clear, open space above your deck when you wish or simply bring the louvres back overhead  for covered protection.



Create a functional outdoor room.
Enjoy more room to relax, entertain or just take in the moment all year round.

Discover our opening roof range, the new Retractable Roof, sun louvre systems, shutters, outdoor blinds, frameless glass doors, gates & other custom made installations.

For Residential & Commercial buildings.

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Enhanced Living Spaces By Design

Transform your home or office by introducing a streamlined, sophisticated sun-shielding solution. Our louvre offerings are meticulously designed to offer both flawlessly functional performance as well as aesthetic appeal that will enhance any living environment. Whether you’re looking to expand an existing leisure space by integrating the flow between outside and inside lounging areas or you want to add weather cover to your outside deck, we have a louvre roof or louvre deck roof solution that will enhance your space and transform the overall appearance of your home or office. 

Go Bold, Go Beyond

Our retractable roofs and other opening louvre products provide design freedom only limited by your imagination. Create an outdoor room by transforming your deck from open to closed, with our frameless glass doors and achieve the perfect ambience with our selection of lighting and heating solutions. Our products come in a range of highly durable materials, including mesh, clear PVC, fabric, glass and aluminium, and can be combined in a variety of ways to produce the result you desire. 

Catering For All With The Absolute Convenience

We offer our services to customers across New Zealand and have a long track record of many satisfied commercial and residential customers. Our products all come with a full two-year warranty including a motor and powder coating warranty. For additional peace of mind, we offer Louvrecare - a professional valet and maintenance programme which will ensure your Louvretec products will always remain in perfect condition with our scheduled maintenance, cleaning and repair services. Thanks to our premium standards of product quality and design aesthetics investing in Louvretec can increase your home or office property value, as well as providing you with many years of enjoyment and opulent comfort. 

Products To Serve Your Every Desire

Discover the freedom of being able to modify your living environment as you choose. Retract or open up your roof and rooms on a sunny day or enclose your balcony and enjoy absolute comfort on those cold, rainy days. Our adjustable aluminium sun louvre systems and louvre shutters are ideal for offices or to any area where you’d like to control the amount of light in a room, all custom made for you.

As worldwide experts in louvres and sun cover products, your next building project or home renovation idea will be transformed into a design and functional masterpiece. Get in touch with us today!