The Benefits of Opening Roofs

Louvretec offers a range of excellent cover options for outdoor spaces. Their opening roofs will enhance the indoor/outdoor flow of your home and let you enjoy privacy, shelter and sun protection. With an operable roof over your deck that can be opened and closed, you can extend your living space to create an ‘outdoor room’ - a versatile space with endless living and entertaining possibilities.

Here are some of the many benefits of Louvretec's outdoor roofs:

They can be angled to let in sun: Opening roofs can be angled towards the sun as required by yourself, letting natural light into e space as well as being a natural source heating. This keeps the area warm in the colder winter months. Opening Roof louvre blades can rotate up to 180 degrees.

They can be angled to create shade: In the heat of the summer, opening roofs can be angled to create shade and protect the space from the scorching sun and its harsh rays. If you do not want to create complete shade or if you want to enjoy a warm breeze opening roofs can be angled for partial shade - letting in as much sun, heat or light you want. This protects the room and its furnishings from becoming damaged or discoloured from excess sun exposure.

They can be opened to ventilate the area: Opening roofs can be opened, or partially opened to ventilate the space, keeping it cool as the hot air escapes through the louvres - reducing the need for air conditioning in the summer. This is particularly great for the barbecue season.

louvretec louvre blades opening slightly to outdoor room

You can enjoy outdoor living in any weather: A Louvretec opening roof extends the living area of your home by protecting your deck space from weather conditions. It transforms decks. Flow is such an important part of a home and opening roofs become connectors between rooms of your home. If desired, we have a range of range sensor options available. This extension of living space can add value to your home.

They are exceptional quality: All of our expertly engineered opening roofs are strong and durable. They are able to protect you and your outdoor space from various weather conditions. They are backed with a Louvretec warranty so that you can enjoy our premium quality opening roof system with peace of mind.

They look great: Not only are our opening roof systems extremely functional, but they also look fantastic. They can be tailored to your taste and colour-matched to your requests. They will add value and style to your home or building and are commonly specified by architects on most new builds and outdoor renovations.

You are in control: Our opening roof systems give you control over the effect of the weather conditions on your space with the touch of a button or icon on your device (if you download the app). Louvretec Opening Roofs are custom made to our client’s precise design requirements. We can provide an elegant aluminium frame or we can work with your builder if you wished to have a wooden, steel or concrete frame for example.

If you are unsure about which style opening roof will suit your outdoor area and meet your needs in terms of size, coverage, privacy and style - get in touch with the expert team at Louvretec.