5 Common Misconceptions When Purchasing Sun Louvres

There are a few misconceptions when it comes to louvres such as people only regarding them as simple wooden shutters to block out the early morning sun. However, they have many other beneficial functions and are a great addition for homes of all sizes. At Louvretec, we make the whole process of purchasing the right louvres for your home or building (as well as installing) a simple process.

Out of interest though, the following are the common misconceptions we hear often:

Misconception 1: Louvres only come in wood

Wooden louvres aren't the only type of louvre available. At Louvretec all of our sun louvres are made from aluminium and can be euro-coated to look almost identical to wood. Wood is a difficult material to maintain and needs extra coats of varnish as louvres are exposed to all of the elements. Deciding between wooden or aluminium louvres? Aluminium is durable and does not need the same treatment timber requires - once installed it can be left without much maintenance.

Misconception 2: There’s not much colour choice

For wooden louvres, the choices in colour are very limited to how the wood is treated and what timber you choose. Aluminium louvres, on the other hand, come in many different colours so you can easily match your shutters with the colour palette of your home. The wide range of colours will match both modern and more traditional style houses to provide everyone with the best outcome. There are also two finishes we use at Louvretec on our shutters - powder coat and anodised. Pop into your closest Louvretec dealer to decide which finish suits you best!

Sun Louvres

Misconception 3: My home is different and won’t fit standard louvres

Louvretec’s range of airfoil-shaped louvres or rectangle shaped louvres provides you with a large choice when it comes to selecting a shutter custom made to your precise requirements. We know that every building or home is different and all are located in different locations, exposed to an array of weather conditions. Whether you are in the countryside, the city or the beachfront Louvretec’s range of sun louvre systems can accommodate your living space and style. We have photos of every style of home imaginable that have chosen sun louvres to add to their aesthetic and to provide sun and privacy control.

Misconception 4: Louvres aren’t airtight and create drafts

We have a range of sun louvres that include a wool pile closing strip which a great addition for keeping out the hot air that creeps into your home through the gaps in windows on hot days. During winter, warm air from inside your home won’t escape helping to keep your home insulated and at the temperature, you’re trying to maintain inside the house. The best of both worlds - keep your home nice and cool this summer by utilising louvres or warm and dry during winter months.

Misconception 5: Louvres are difficult to open and close

Wrong! Louvretec Louvres don’t take much effort to open and close, in fact, Louvretec has two motorised options including the Spiral Pivot system or the Motorised Maxi-Drive Pivot System. Louvretec also has an easy to use manual pivot system that is quick and simple to set up. Louvres couldn't be easier to open and close and create a great ambience for your home and creating that indoor-outdoor flow.

Louvres are great for maintaining privacy and keeping the house insulated and at the temperature that suits you. Louvres also make a house look fresh by providing a stunning aesthetic. They come in many different colours and styles to fit all homes. Louvretec makes it easy for you to choose from our range of louvres that suit your home and region. For more information visit your nearest Louvretec showroom or give us a call today on 0800 253 449.