5 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Street Appeal

Whether you are planning on selling your home or you just want it to look nice as you come home then increasing your home’s street appeal is always a good idea. It is a nice feeling to have people walk past your house and admire it for its aesthetics.

Increasing your home’s street appeal does not have to mean a full renovation, just a few improvements and changes can make all the difference. We have put together a list of just five things you can do to make your home look as pretty as a picture.

How to increase your home’s street appeal

  • The fence and the gate: The first thing people notice when they pass your house is the fence. The fence not only clearly demarcates the boundary of your house, but a well-kept fence immediately catches the eye. Fix your broken fence and give it a fresh coat of paint. White is the most popular fence colour but you could explore more modern options to suit your own style. Louvretec sun louvres make for a stunning fence or gate. The sun louvre infills can even be operable.

  • The lawn and driveway: A well-manicured lawn always makes a good first impression. Growing colourful flowers around the border of the lawn add life and vibrancy to the whole look. Keep your driveway neat and well paved to give a welcoming air to the house. A popular trend is artificial grass that requires no maintenance.

  • The verandah and front door: keep you veranda tidy and add some tasteful outdoor furniture. A fresh coat of paint every few years will keep the entrance to your house looking inviting and attractive. Painting your front door a contrasting colour to your house makes it stand out and get noticed, just make sure that the colour of your door and house go well together.

  • The roof: Another very noticeable feature of your home is the roof and we’re not just talking Opening Roofs on your deck. Rusted roofs or roofs with broken tiles immediately bring the street appeal of your house down. If you are looking to save money a simple paint job over a rusted roof could make it look much better. Broken and missing tiles need to be replaced not only for aesthetic reasons but for functionality as well. Talk to Louvretec when you are ready for a no obligation quotation for an Opening closing roof over your deck area.

  • The backyard: While not always noticeable from the,  a patio or outdoor room with an opening-closing roof, glass doors or sun louvres to enclose the sides, complimented with comfy outdoor seating, surrounded by a pretty garden can work wonders for turning a house into a home and creating additional space.

  • Here at Louvretec, we have the perfect solutions to add a touch of elegance and functionality to your home. Choose from our wide selection of louvres, shutters, opening roofs and glass doors to enhance the look and feel of your home. Contact us for further details and ideas on how you can make some great home improvements with our products.

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