A Home Designed Just For You

Designing your own home is a serious accomplishment. You’ve worked hard to create a unique space that reflects your personality, your style, and truly makes you feel at home. But who do you trust to help bring your designs to life?

Whether you are creating designs for a new home or revitalising and renovating an outdoor living space, you have to find a realistic balance between your design ideas, your budget and practical building solutions.

When it comes to constructing your plans, you need partners willing to innovate, create, and work with you to make your new home a reality. It’s no good having an original design, if you have to sacrifice that originality in order to get it made.

This is where the Louvretec Design Centre can help you. We realised that in order to stay ahead of the game where there are lots of replicas on the market, we had to keep innovating. It’s no good being the first one out there if you lose your creative spark and can’t keep up.

We created the Louvretec Design Centre to work with you, your builder, or your architect to design and detail products that would make your unique plans a reality, as you imagined them, while working to your budget.

Designing Your Home with Louvretec

Working with architects and incorporating new ideas through the Louvretec Design Centre, we created the Rectangular Louvre panels and the Super Roof Lite Curved Opening Roof, which were just too good to keep to ourselves.

So, if you’re designing an architectural home or reimagining spaces through renovations, come have a chat with the team who can bring your unique architectural ideas to life. From Gates, and fences, to adjustable privacy screens or chimney surrounds Louvretec can custom-make products for your home, to give it that unique design touch.

The team at Louvretec’s Design Centre can bring your designs to life as you imagined it. For more information on the Louvretec Design Centre, visit your nearest Louvretec showroom, or contact us.