An Outdoor Bedroom? What A Cool Idea!

A sleeping porch is nothing new. The idea dates back to about 1900 and became very popular in America, particularly in the hot western and southern states. Now, as more and more people resort to more natural ways of staying cool on hot nights, the sleeping porch is back in style all over the world. It’s happening here in New Zealand too, with a lot of our outdoor rooms serving as an overnight spur of the moment bedroom over summer. Our clients are opening up the concertina louvres on their roof and letting the cool air in.

It makes plenty of sense to convert an outdoor room into a sleeping area over the warmer months. One of our LouvreTec rooms can be transformed from an open area into a secure space, thanks to our “infill sides” products like sliding glass doors and shutters providing that security while the opening roof lets cooling air into the space & you can watch the stars above. Meanwhile, our mesh blinds can add extra privacy when and where required.  

Sleeping on a hot summer’s night can at times be challenging. But when configured as a temporary place to sleep an outdoor room makes it so much easier to get a good night’s sleep. Being cooled by natural air is so much nicer and healthier than air conditioning, and with all of the ensuing health benefits as well. For example, when sleeping in a poorly ventilated indoor room, you’re breathing in air of suboptimal quality - that might explain why you wake up still feeling tired.

It’s easy to set up an outdoor room as a bedroom. Modern manouverable sofa-beds or sun loungers are beautifully designed and manufactured and are much more comfortable than they used to be. Privacy can be enhanced through the use of our shutters or blinds, or you can hang drapes or curtains if you have sliding glass doors in your outdoor room. And it’s a piece of cake to adjust the louvre roof to control how much fresh and cooling air you let into the room.

We’re not suggesting your outdoor room should become a permanent bedroom! But on hot summer’s nights when you find it impossible to sleep in your usual bedroom, it can be a (literally) cool haven for you. It’s increasingly popular all over the world, with a lot of people even using their outdoor room as a welcoming and comfortable place for guests. There are so many uses for outdoor rooms, and this idea is certainly worth sleeping on!  To discuss outdoor rooms and the many ways you can use them, get in touch with your nearest LouvreTec NZ branch.