Create A Resort In Your At-Home Travel Bubble

Louvre roofs in New Zealand are becoming increasingly common sights, but their appearance is anything but common. They’re a spectacular addition to any home and the major structural feature of many an outdoor room.  As we further embrace the joys of outdoor living in New Zealand, we expect to install even more retractable roofs in the near future.

Another reason we make this prediction is the sheer uncertainty surrounding travel in the short to medium term. Even in the long term, we don’t know what the story will be. So, being the resourceful types we Kiwis are, we’re taking matters into our own hands and creating holiday havens in our backyards. 

An opening roof is a perfect place to start in capturing a holiday atmosphere in your suburban travel bubble. Fill in the sides with our sun louvre systems, or the outdoor blinds which are so popular in tropical resorts, and you’re even closer to portraying that feel and look. 

Of course, there are other things you can do to turn your home into a resort. They include:

  • Furnish your covered outdoor area with the type of chairs, tables, dining settings and lounges that you’re used to seeing at resorts in Fiji or Rarotonga. This includes timber, wicker, and canvas furniture. 
  • An outdoor day bed will offer supreme comfort while you relax during your staycation. 
  • Decorative fence panels and privacy screens will help you feel like you’re getting away from it all - and everyone.
  • Lighting and heating will let you enjoy long, lazy evenings in your at-home resort. We can give you some options to consider. 
  • The sound of a water feature is a nice way to add to the relaxed atmosphere. Water features are increasingly affordable and easy to set up.
  • There are plenty of plants with a tropical appearance that will thrive in New Zealand conditions, and add a lush touch to your resort-themed outdoor area. Visit your local garden centre and check out ferns, palms, bromeliads, king figs, strobilanthes gossypinus, Persian shield,  Vriesia hieroglyphica, and Neoregalia 'Crimson Nest'. All of these plants grow well in local conditions but have an exotic look. 

So many of our new clients are installing louvre roofs as part of their plan to overcome travel uncertainty by enjoying a close-to-home holiday. With so much doubt about where and when we can travel, it makes sense to take matters into our own hands, particularly when our local destinations will be jam-packed with NZ holidaymakers. By creating a private resort at home, you can take it easy in the easiest way possible! Contact us and we’ll discuss just how simple it can be.