Don't Be Blinded By The Winter Sun

In the winter months of June, July and August, the sun sits significantly lower in the sky. This makes sunsets so much shorter and the glare so much more pronounced. It’s quite obvious as to why this is. In summer, when the sun is high above us, it’s basically shining onto the top of our heads, to put it in very simple terms. In winter, when the sun is a lot lower in the sky, it is very much at eye level and can have a binding effect. 

Our aluminium sun louvres are the best way to keep the sun’s rays out of your eyes without blocking out all of that beautiful light. A New Zealand winter still provides us with plenty of sunny days, and while they’re not as hot as they are in summer, they still give us heat and light that should be let into the home or workplace. This isn’t all that possible with roller blinds or curtains, which are often used to block out the winter sun’s glare. In doing so, they create a barrier that stops light and heat from coming into the space, and that seems like a real waste of a beautiful day to us! We all want to make the most of passive winter sun. 

our stylish louvres strike a happy balance between minimising glare and maximising the heat and light of the sun. They’re easily adjusted, often through motorised operation, to control the rays of the sun. This lets you manage light, shade, airflow and temperature with ease.

Because they’re made from aluminium, our sun louvres bring you other benefits as well. They deliver a high level of resistance and superior durability in coastal areas where salt and moisture are abundant in the sea air, and they can handle exposure to the elements better than any other material. And with an extensive range of colours, including powdercoat or anodised finish, our sun louvres will fit into any style of home in any location. 

The old days of bringing down venetian roller blinds or snapping curtains shut are long gone. We have a more stylish way to stop the glare of the winter sun, while still letting in heat and light. And because the sun can shine just as bright in winter as it does in summer, our louvres are a year-round solution for light, shade, airflow and temperature control. Want to find out more? Feel free to contact us at any time!