Going With The Flow

It wasn’t all that long ago that a deck roof in NZ was seen as something of a novelty. Traditionally, Kiwi decks went uncovered and we relied on sunny weather before we could entertain in that outdoor area. Today, things are radically different, thanks to our opening roofs and “infill sides” products like Louvretec shutters and sliding glass doors. In combination, they form an outdoor room and provide shelter from above and from the side as well. At the same time, they create something that is desired in homes - indoor outdoor flow.    

In the world of real estate, indoor-outdoor flow is as important as street appeal and location. From a home buyer's point of view, great indoor-outdoor flow makes a property much more appealing because it represents a stylish outdoor living area that extends from the main body of the home and connects to the outdoors. This creates the impression of a larger home as the living space increases while satisfying the modern trend for outdoor living.  

For homeowners, creating indoor-outdoor flow is all about enjoying their home in new ways. New Zealand homes of the 50s, 60s, and 70s were fairly uniform in their design; the kitchen would be at one end of the house, with living and dining areas at the other end. The garden and other outdoor areas were out of sight, out of mind. They were outside the four walls of the home and were considered places for growing a few vegetables, hanging out the washing, and hosting barbecues every now and then. With houses being designed in a way that put a barrier between inside and outside, indoor-outdoor flow was not a concept most New Zealanders were familiar with.   

In more recent years, as architects created new design trends, indoor outdoor flow and outdoor room has become a trend regularly specified. It’s a way to bring warmth and light into Kiwi homes while making a room seem bigger at the same time. It also introduced the appealing idea of being able to cook and eat alfresco in the same outdoor area, very much in the Mediterranean style that many Kiwis would have experienced for themselves on their OE - all from the comfort of their outdoor room consisting of an Opening Roof with louvres, glass doors or outdoor blinds, heating & lighting. 

Indoor-outdoor flow creates a space that gives the impression of the outdoor area being a natural extension of the rest of the home. It’s a seamless link allowing for easy movement and communication and connection between everyone in that area. You don’t have to live in a home specifically designed with indoor-outdoor flow in mind. We can help and retro-fit our systems to your existing home. Discover Louvretec Outdoor Rooms today. Contact your nearest Louvretec branch and go with the flow.