Heating Options for Your Outdoor Living Space

Not only does outdoor heating equipment take the chill out of the air on brisk summer evenings, but it also means that your beautiful outdoor living spaces can be enjoyed during the colder months too. These heaters serve your outdoor space functionally as well as aesthetically and create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Here are some great heating options for your outdoor living space:


Originating in Mexico, chimineas are a portable outdoor fireplace. They are freestanding fireplaces that let heat out of an open front. These outdoor heaters are traditionally made from clay and can come in different designs and colours. They can also be made from cast iron or steel. Metal chimineas are often more of an outlay but tend to be longer lasting than the clay variety. Modern takes on this ancient style of hearth include cooking grills that allow them to be used as barbecues. It is very important to note that Chimineas should not be placed directly on wooden decks as they will cause them damage.

outdoor roof fireplace

Firepits and Outdoor Fireplaces

Firepits are the type of hearth that most closely resembles a good old-fashioned campfire. These are freestanding open fireplaces in which logs of wood, natural gas, or liquid propane is burned. Firepits can be fixed to the floor or elevated, and are usually made of either steel or cast iron. Like modern chimineas, firepits can also include grills for cooking, creating traditional charcoal barbecue flavours. The open flames also make a great centrepiece for gatherings where people bond over the roasting of marshmallows.

Firepits generate and spread heat in the same way that an open fire would, and are a popular option for outdoor living spaces because of their ambience and portability. Outdoor firepits are a more permanent way to bring the coziness of an open fire to your outdoor living space, They are usually made of stainless steel surrounded by granite, stone or tile. They are a great visual feature and can complement the architecture and style of your home. Firepits and outdoor fireplaces should not be installed too close to houses, overhanging trees or anything that could potentially catch fire.

Bromic Outdoor Heaters

Bromic Heaters are the perfect synergy of modern design and outstanding heating performance. Strong, efficient infrared heat combined with a thin and stylish design complement the atmosphere of your outdoor room. New and innovative radiant outdoor heating technology results in an electric heater that boasts optimal heat output in a high end, minimalist frame.

Bromic Heaters are available for installation in conjunction with your Louvretec Opening Roof. Bromic Heaters have been designed specifically with low-clearance, semi-enclosed outdoor spaces in mind, this heater minimizes light emission to blend seamlessly under your Louvretec Opening Roof. Outdoor heaters are best used in outside areas.

outdoor room heating

Louvretec Outdoor Blinds

Beyond just a chill in the air, winter also comes with stingingly cold breezes. Louvretec Mesh and PVC outdoor blinds create the ultimate outdoor room when used with a Louvretec Opening Roof to help protect outdoor living areas from the wind. Clear PVC blinds allow the sunlight and warmth to enter your space, warming it up even though the outside air is cold. Louvretec Mesh Blinds use a durable fabric that varies with the percentage of ‘openness’ and is best selected according to your desired levels of wind protection and privacy. Mesh shade blinds also carry the option of either an open or closed weave fabric.