How To Enjoy Your Outdoor Area Even During The Colder Months

Brr, autumn is here in New Zealand and with winter just around the corner, it is time to consider the ways in which you can continue enjoying your outdoor area during the colder months. Shelter, weather protection and warmth are important factors in designing an external space to enjoy nature whilst retaining some home comforts. Here’s our guide to enjoying your outdoor area throughout the coming months of cold.


Timber decks provide a great place to relax under the summer sun. However, in the colder months in New Zealand, decks get damp, covered in leaves and pose a serious slip risk in certain scenarios. It’s also difficult to enjoy a deck in the rain. The solution? Adding an opening roof to your deck creates shelter and cover for your deck, from both harsh UV rays and both rain and debris. Maintain a clean deck and enjoy your outdoor area all year round with Louvretec’s award-winning opening roof. Coming in 8 different styles, based on your wind zone and preferred style, this product can help you enjoy a cosy, closed-roof environment or can be fully opened to enjoy the sun.


Our opening roof will keep you shaded and sheltered. To create the ultimate outdoor space, we suggest starting with an opening roof, & then taking things to the next level by closing in the sides of your deck to create an outdoor room with any of the following products:

  • Opening Roof & Sun Louvre Shutters
  • Opening Roof & Slidetec Frameless Glass Sliding Doors 
  • Opening Roof & Outdoor Blinds 


Put the finishing touches to an outdoor room by making it truly accessible in any temperature. Now you have an opening roof and have closed in the sides of your deck, it’s time to add Louvretec’s premium range of lighting and heating options. Winter doesn’t just bring a drop in temperature. It also brings reduced hours of sunlight and to comfortably enjoy your outdoor room late into winter and late into each evening, lighting and heating can make all the difference.

Find out more about our range of products and services by viewing our gallery to imagine your newly created outdoor room. Get in touch today and prepare for winter by enquiring now.