Look After Your Lawn In Winter

We love providing you with advice on how to furnish and decorate stunning outdoor rooms. But we’re also aware that you want to open your outdoor blinds and see something that is just as beautiful. We’re talking about your garden, which should be a spectacular backdrop while you soak up the warmth and comfort of that special outdoor space we’ve helped you create. That’s why we also offer you tips on how to make your garden look its very best. This blog post is no different!   

For many of you, the lawn is the most important part of your garden. You might have planted the most beautiful shrubs and flowers in your garden, but a scraggly lawn can drag everything down. Therefore, it’s vital the lawn always looks its best, but that can be a challenge in winter. The following advice should help you keep that green carpet looking luscious.   

When winter arrives, the lawn will still keep growing in all but the coldest climates. To help your lawn maintain its growth cycle, even when the temperature drops, feed it with specialist lawn food from your garden centre. This will keep the lawn in good health when winter strikes and maintain a better colour. There are plenty of products on the market but for the quickest growth response, liquid lawn food is best.

After you’ve fed the lawn, wait for a few weeks then sprinkle some lime over the grass. Most grass types prefer what is known as acid-free “sweet soil”, and the lime will counteract any acidity. If you’re not sure about the quality of your soil, you should be able to take a sample into a garden centre and ask them to check the pH level. If it’s much below 6 on the pH scale, lime will greatly enhance the growing conditions and this will be reflected in the vigorous growth of your grass. 

Broad-leafed weeds thrive during winter with clover, dandelions, Onehunga weed, lawn daisies, cudweed and oxalis all lapping up the cooler conditions - and all at the expense of your grass. Again, a trip to the garden centre is in order, this time for a weed and feed type product, which will get rid of broad-leafed weeds while promoting grass growth. And don’t forget that cool and wet conditions in winter also encourage moss to start appearing on your lawn. There are good products out there that will remove moss from lawns, as well as hard surfaces like roofs and paving. 

When you look after your lawn in winter, it will pay you back by providing a backdrop that is just as spectacular as your outdoor room! So get feeding, then weeding, and then relax and admire that gorgeous garden of yours.