Louvre Shutters On Traditional Style Homes

We believe our louvre shutters look so good that they would make a complementary and and beautiful addition to any home. They can be a wonderful finishing touch to a newly built property, or totally transform the appearance of a more traditional style home. Enjoy privacy and function with the installation of louvre shutters.  Louvretec’s shutters are constructed of aluminium and can be hinged or bifolding. The louvre infills can be fixed in place or adjustable. The choice is yours.

If your home is an older style home adding fresh new shutters really will be a beautiful refreshment. Louvretec has installed many shutters on traditional homes including Opening Roofs. 

Any project that calls for building or installation work on an older property must be done with the right structures in place to support them. You wouldn’t even think about adding a second storey to your home without getting structural matters checked out first. You have to apply the same sort of thinking to louvre shutters, because they are obviously an addition too, albeit a very stylish one. 

With that in mind, you have to think about the factors that come into play when installing them. For example, when louvres are installed on a villa or bungalow style home, wind loadings need to be considered which we can help you with. On top of this we recommend for you to get in touch with a reputable builder and ask them to carry out an inspection of your home. They’ll be able to advise whether your older style  home is able to handle any new additions or if any other structural add ons might need to be included too.

If you do have your heart set on louvre shutters or an opening roof, and you love what you’ve seen in the Louvretec range , we will work with you and your builder to make sure we can make this happen as smoothly as possible. Start today by contacting your closest Louvretec Dealer.