Caring For Your Louvretec

As the happy owner of Louvretec’s sun louvre, you are no doubt enjoying the supreme comforts and advantages that these systems offer! Louvretec’s sun systems have many advantages including blades that rotate for up to 180 degrees giving maximum flexibility and full automation as well as adding a stylish aesthetic to your home or building. The extruded aluminum used in the louvre systems are of high quality and strength and can withstand rough weather.

With multiple configurations, styles and colors to choose from, Louvretec’s sun louvres are truly every homeowner’s delight.

The louvres are easy to maintain and a few tips given here will ensure you enjoy the comfort offered by these systems for a very long time!

To enhance the life of your louvre system, implement a regular schedule of maintenance. Contact the manufacturer in case the finish of your louvre systems needs any special maintenance or treatment. Some Louvretec Dealerships offer ‘Louvrecare’ where we will do the cleaning and preventative maintenance for you.

Protecting The Louvres

A thorough cleaning of the louvre systems every six months is recommended by experts. If you live within a kilometer from the ocean or areas which produce a lot of dust or smoke such as geothermal or industrial areas, you should be cleaning the louvres every three months. This will ensure the environmental conditions do not damage the exteriors of the louvre systems.

The louvre systems need to be protected against contact with the materials listed below. Even if accidentally contact does occur, the containment should be removed immediately and washed using a prescribed procedure.

  • Solvents, fertilizers, plaster, paint, wet cement and other chemicals.
  • Contact with metals such as lead, mild steel, brass, copper, and timber, or concrete
  • If contact does occur, remove the containment immediately and wash as described below.

Cleaning The Louvres

  1. Use a wet sponge to remove loose material deposits. Dry dusting should be avoided as it can tend to scratch the surface of the louvres.
  2. If you notice any moss, remove it as well using a wet sponge.
  3. Make sure no drainage systems are blocked
  4. Use a mild detergent and warm water and remove grime, salt, dust or other dirt using a soft brush.
  5. Repeat rinsing with fresh water to remove detergent residues.
  6. Paint thinners, solvents and other harsh acids need to be avoided as they can damage the surface

It is recommended to use white spirits, turpentine or methylated spirits to clean paint splashes. Use of water blaster or high pressure hose near electrical points of automated motors should be avoided.

A waterblaster on low pressure should only be used on the actual aluminium of the louvre, not near the gear drives.

Louvretec’s motorized sun louvres come in a wide range of powder coated colors that are aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. The finish is long lasting and with a little more care, it will last longer! Use a soft bristled brush to gently wash the powder-coated surfaces once in six months and once every three months if you live near the ocean or industries. Strong acids and alkalis should be avoided for all surfaces.