Louvretec Holiday Homes and NZ Summer

When we leave the office our family heads for New Zealand’s beautiful Coromandel.  60% of ratepayers don’t live here permanently so there is an array of classic NZ baches to more upmarket beach houses and permanent homes.

It gives us such a buzz to walk down the beach and look up at theses homes that feature a Louvretec Opening Roof. We also love to see the families interacting and enjoying their outdoor room  Extended families enjoying long dinners on their decks catching up with eachother’s lives the past year, taking some time out to watch the surf roll in or people watching, people stealing snippets of quiet time all under an opening roof.

Creating more spaces in a house at the beach with an Opening Roof and being able to open  up the louvres just the right way to let in breeze while shutting out the sun or the weather are some ways of being able to control your environment and set your scene with a Louvretec Opening Roof.

This Christmas the Coromandel experienced a storm with road closures and slips. On days such as these when the weather is not playing the game, when you have to brave a beach walk, hang out inside more than you want to it’s such a bonus to still being able to get ‘outside’ in to the outdoor room to catch a breath of fresh air and knowing you have the space in your home to entertain your holiday guests and family in your Bach on rainy days.

Style spotting - we can't help but notice

This year we have spied lots of jungle green influences popping up in the styling of outdoor rooms, oversized white, camel and green outdoor cushions are super popular colours as well as the classic navy and white nautical stripes.

We’ve seen lots of impromptu settings  to house extended family such as outdoor tables pushed together, different styles of chairs pulled outside and left there  casually draped with Turkish towels or colourful kaftans that suddenly make the scene look photoshoot ready without even trying. Cuttings of  pohutukawa foliage for a casual but thoughtful table centerpiece. We’ve noticed groupings of outdoor pots in differing sizes but with a common theme such as concrete grey, white, yellow or green featuring banana leaves, palms or dried toi tois.  Beads and oversized white dream catchers dangling from the frame of Opening Roofs fluttering on summer breezes.  Candles that get lit as evening approaches reminiscent of the coconut scented sunscreen that has been rubbed on bodies during the day. Surfboards that have been hosed off hours ago that you still have to put away but have now become a magnet for kids to jump on – so leave it for another hour or so that job can be done later. Outdoor showers that kids never want to get of out of . Cafes brimming with chatter, happy people eating goodies they would normally miss out on at home as they let the hand break off the healthy eating on holiday…From teenagers to grandparents it’s been an amazing people watching experience. Seagulls stealing hot chips that get thrown up in the air to them. All of these snippets of beach life that we bring back and reflect in our home.

You don’t have to have the contemporary glass beach house for a Louvretec Opening Roof, we’ve spied opening roofs on the most basic baches to of course homes that have won house of the year competitions. People install opening roofs not only for the stylish good looks but for sun protection of the people that are lucky enough to create holiday memoires in these homes  as well as protection of their beautiful things that fill these baches, beach houses and residences as the sun and weather beat down.