Making The Most Out of Your Alfresco Dining Experience

Make the most of the warm day or evening sun by combining your love of food and the beauty of New Zealand. If you’re the type that loves planning a grand outdoor dinner party or a get-together with friends, here are some simple tips to make the most of your alfresco dining in your own home.

Get inspired: Before building your perfect outdoor kitchen, think about the things you must have for that space. It’s more than just a table and a barbecue outside your house; it becomes a true extension of your indoor living and dining room. Take a look at what’s been done before, from Pinterest to home and food magazines. You can explore gourmet recipes, ambient music playlists and outdoor decor ideas including outdoor lighting and stunning foliage - hanging lanterns from a tree and using Turkish floor mats outside add instant atmosphere.

alfresco table setting overlooking Auckland

Setting the table: Whether it’s a vertical garden or water feature, the main feature should be the table. The way you choose to set the table will set the mood and feel of your alfresco dining experience. Consider adding little decorative features to your table setting to set the scene. This could be a vase of foliage, some candles or an interesting table runner.

Outdoor furniture: An outdoor dining area is only as strong as the furniture that you use in that space. There are no rules that say you have to match all the chairs to the table, as long as they are durable and weather resistant to last the night and many more nights to come.

Roofing/shading: You will want to have a roof over your head. Some have roofs and ceilings, with downlights installed in the ceilings. Others have pergola roofs or modern outdoor awnings. The important thing is that your roof is functional and practical. Alternatively, if the heavens open a shelter over your deck such as the addition of a Louvretec Opening Roof, it will create a cozy haven and get the alfresco dining going.

Louvretec Opening Roof

The best way for sun control is to install a Louvretec opening roof which will let you set the scene. These innovative roofing systems open and close at the touch of a button (they can also be operated from your phone). They are sleek and sophisticated and are the perfect option for outdoor dining at any time of the day.

Give Louvretec a call today or send us your custom alfresco design and one of our friendly team will get in touch with you.