Maximise your view with sliding glass doors

Perhaps one of the most impressive reasons to love New Zealand is our scenic landscapes. The picturesque landscape is one reason so many people fall in love with the country we live in. If you want ocean views or panoramic views of the hills, this is the place to be. When you’re in your house or designing it, these are the aspects of the outdoors you’ll want to keep and there are several key considerations for maintaining these views. One of the best renovations or design features to bring in the outside environment is with the use of sliding doors. With stunning views around every corner, it should come as no surprise that this is one of the most popular additions to new and old homes alike. 

Frameless Glass Sliding doors are ideal for improving indoor and outdoor flow, expanding patio access, capturing stunning views, and taking advantage of natural light for a healthier indoor environment. Louvretec’s Slidetec doors enhance your space with wonderful protection from the elements without compromising your view. Sliding doors can be designed to fit different opening sizes and are incredibly easy to use with floor rails integrated into your floor.

When looking for glass sliding doors that let you see everything there is to see, it's important to understand that your choice is the right one. With our frameless doors, there’s no distraction from the view. Toughened safety glass also makes our sliding doors safe and can help to insulate your home in all seasons. This is great for energy bills in the dead of winter, as well as managing your home's temperature during the warmer months which is an important factor.


  • Perfect to enjoy the view from your outdoor room. 
  • Glazing toughened 10mm safety glass or 12mm toughened glass
  • Floor-mounted Frameless Glass Sliding System provides unobstructed living space.

So if you want a sliding door that lets in one hell of a view, you can with Louvretec. We’re experts in the field and look forward to chatting with you about Slidetec frameless glass sliding doors. To find out more, get in touch with us today.