Most Popular Louvre and Shutter Colour Choices in New Zealand

Louvres and shutters are a great addition to the home to allow extra light and ventilation. Fixing louvres in windows, door and even roofs give you the freedom of being able to control the amount of sunlight and breeze you let into the house. The other advantage is that you can close the louvres when weather conditions are not so great.

Given the freedom and flexibility that they offer, louvres and shutters have become very popular in New Zealand homes. More and more families are seeing the advantages of having adjustable slats fitted into certain parts of the roof and into doors. The demand for louvres and shutters in a variety of colours has gone up. Every home wants their instalment to blend well with the colour scheme of the house and not look out of place. Some colours have been shown to be preferred over others; let’s see which ones are trending.

Popular louvre and shutter colours

White: White is the most popular colour for shutters and louvres. The neutral shade seems to have gained popularity because it goes with just about any colour scheme. White also has a wonderful way of offsetting the rest of the colours. The white borders of the windows and doors contrast well with other colours and add a touch of character to the house.

Grey: Following close behind white is grey. Lighter shades of the grey lead with medium shades coming up behind. Dark greys don’t seem to be given too much attention. Like white, light grey also contrasts well with most other colours, add borders and definition to the look of the house.

Silver: The metallic look will never completely go out of style. A dash of silver-coloured door and window frames can give a very chic look. Without going over the top on the sleek metallic look, silver-coloured metal shutters and louvres can add a subtle lift. Silver might not go with all colour schemes but it might be just the thing for you.

Browns: Now this is not a colour but a full spectrum. Every shade of brown from pale biscuit beige to deep dark tones has found a place with louvres and shutters. Whether or not you have actually used wood for your louvres and shutters, making them brown gives them the rustic wooden feel. The shade of brown is decided based on the colour of the house, but the whole range appears to be popular.

Cream: Bringing up the last of the popular choices is cream. Just a little off-white with a hint of beige, the cream colour has just about managed to appear in louvres and shutters often enough. Beating red and light blue in popularity, cream’s easy on the eye and the comforting tone seems to be the preferred choice.

LouvreTec, New Zealand has louvres and shutters in a whole range of colours; come take a look and you will find a shade that you love.