Opening Roofs in Snow Zones

Opening Roofs in Snow Zones

In New Zealand, snow starts to fall from late May or early June and continues (in recent years) in some cases October. Homes and buildings in these snow zones need to be well-equipped to handle heavy snowfall. Temperatures can drop to 10°C or less and everyone wants the inside of their homes to be warm and comfortable.

Opening roofs in snow zones

If you live in a snow zone in New Zealand, you would want to make the best of the summer months while keeping yourself warm and toasty in the winter. An opening roof can be just the home installation you need to allow you this freedom.

Opening roofs are roofs that have been specially installed with a series of blades fitted into a framework. The blades can be electrically operated (motorised) with a button, remote or even an app installed on a smart device. The blades can be opened completely, shut completely or kept at different angles to allow just the right amount of light in. The blades of an opening roof can be adjusted exactly how you need them. Add to your outdoor room an exterior heater and your cosy haven is created.

Adding an outdoor room with an opening roof gives you the option of making the most of the summer months in New Zealand. You can keep the blades wide open to brighten up the place or you could angle them to keep out the glare of direct sunlight. Nothing welcomes the warmth of sunshine into your home like an opening roof does.

During the harsh winters, your opening roof can be shut tight against the snow and icy winds. Shutting your roof keeps out the cold and keeps you warm and cosy. Your roof can remain shut throughout the winter months and be opened again when the weather warms up outside.

Louvretec’s opening roofs

Louvretec manufactures our opening roofs with the highest quality materials. With seven different styles, you can find the one that suits your needs best, without a problem. Our opening roofs have been engineered with snow loadings in mind and are strong enough to withstand snow throughout the winter months. 

Come see the full range of home installation products at Louvretec and find something that is perfect for your home. Our team of experts will answer any questions you might have and provide you with whatever information you require.