Plant Some Colour In Your Winter Garden

The thought of a cold, dreary and grey winter might not be too pleasant for many Kiwis, but for many happy LouvreTec NZ customers, it’s the least of their worries. For those who have invested in a stunning outdoor room, they don’t have to lose sleep about the prospect of being cooped up inside their home during the cooler months. An outdoor room gives them the best of both worlds - protection from the elements while feeling they are still connecting with nature. It’s a thrill to be able to adjust the aluminium louvres and look out over their garden. Even more thrilling when they can see colourful winter flowers to brighten up the “grey season”.

We absolutely love the look of a vertical panel of black louvres as a backdrop to fresh, green plants.

There are plenty of winter flowers that not only thrive but look spectacular in cooler weather. So, to add a splash of happy hues to your garden, we suggest you plant a few of these right now! 

  • Camellias are very popular in New Zealand winter gardens because they grow very nicely in the shade. They look spectacular during peak blooming time in the month of July. 
  • Hellebores are another shade-tolerant variety and make perfect ground cover under trees.
  • Primulas will also thrive in the shade, with their extra-bright colours capable of lighting up darker areas of the garden.
  • Pansies are a real favourite as they are extremely easy to grow and are at their best when they capture the winter sun.
  • Polyanthus are tough yet beautiful, being a hardy perennial in many colours. They’ll look beautiful in your winter garden but also grow well in pots if you want to introduce some natural colour to your outdoor room. 
  • Cornflowers are very blue and very bright and look dazzling on a grey day. A big bonus with cornflowers is they attract bees and butterflies. 
  • Calendula looks good anywhere and is frost hardy, but we recommend you plant them in your vegetable garden as they can draw aphids away from your precious plants. 
  • Snapdragons give you plenty of colour for months. They stand out with their bright and pale shades and their height (they can reach one metre). Another great thing: they’re self-seeding.
  • Ornamental kale is for those of you wanting a real talking point in your garden! Comes in a wide range of colours, has an interesting texture and needs little care. Certainly very different!

Check out your local garden centre for even more winter flowers. And when it’s time to create an outdoor room or area from which you can admire all this colour, get in touch with your nearest LouvreTec NZ location.