Points to Consider When Buying an Opening Roof

Adding an opening roof to your outdoor space is an exciting decision. It is a great way to add shade, weather protection,stylish aesthetics as well as create an outdoor room. As with any home improvement project  we recommend you to do your homework first.

At Louvretec we make buying an opening roof as simple as possible. We have put together here a list of helpful points for your consideration.

Opening Roof

Here’s what you need to consider when buying an opening roof

Location of the Opening Roof: Whether you are installing the opening roof over your patio, deck, retrofitting  or building new it is important to clearly identify the area of the space to be covered. You also need to take into consideration any additional installations you will need like supports and frames which Louvretec can do for you – a one stop shop. However, if you wish to have a wooden frame and wooden posts we can work with your builder to achieve this.

The climate and wind zone you live in: Different climates will require different kinds of roofs. At Louvretec we offer seven different varieties of roofs to suit various climates. All our roofs are strong and durable and we can help you find the best option based on whether your area receives heavy rain, strong winds, snow or maximum sunshine.

The orientation: Based on whether your outdoor space is north-south oriented or east-west oriented you will need to decide how you want the blades of the opening roof placed. The way you choose to place your blades (called the span) will determine the length of each blade and how much light you are able to let in at different times of the day.

Automatic or manual: Manual opening roofs have have louvre blades that are operable by hand using a lever. Automatic (or motorised) opening roofs can be adjusted with the touch of a button, by remote control or even using an app on your smart phone or device. Louvretec opening roofs can all be operated automatically and you can make the perfect adjustments without having to leave your seat.

Style of Louvre Blade: Louvretec Opening roofs are constructed of aluminium so you can be sure of the durability. Louvretec has 7 different styles of of Opening Roof blades. Some blades have a completely flat underneath when closed, other blades have a soft curved underneath when closed. If loss of light is an issue when the Opening Roof is closed we recommend the  260 Translucent Opening Roof which has a new white infill panel of naturelite plexiglass that offers natural uv protection that allows light to flow through when the roof is closed

Colour and texture: If you are looking to match the style of your opening roof to that of your home’s architecture, Louvretec offers a range of colours and styles. You can choose an opening roof that goes perfectly with the rest of the décor of your home. Louvretec Opening Roofs can be powder-coated or anodised. The frame of your opening roof can be a different colour to your  roof’s louvre blades if you wish for instance, a black frame with copper coloured louvres look amazing.

Visit our website https://louvretec.co.nz/ to browse our full catalogue of products and give us a call if you have any questions. One of our engineers would be happy to come over and inspect your space to give you your best options and an estimate. We look forward to installing an opening roof for you and hope you enjoy your latest home improvement.