PVC Outdoor Blinds Beat The Winter Blues

If you’re considering outdoor blinds for wind protection and to protect you against driving rain this winter, PVC blinds are a very good choice. This material is popular with people who live in areas that are exposed to high wind or rain.

Louvretec PVC outdoor blinds are aesthetically pleasing and are available in different tints. The actual framework  of our outdoor blinds is stylish and can be powdercoated in many colours. Allowing for great visibility of your outdoor setting, customers tell us that this  is highlighted as a stunning backdrop. All of this while letting in light but keeping out the harsher aspects of winter.

PVC outdoor blinds provide solid protection against the elements. and that’s where they come into their own. A sunny winter’s day can be marred by a chilly breeze but PVC blinds will keep that icy wind out. And, of course, when the rain comes down, drop down your PVC blinds & enjoy total shelter. Many of our customers tell us how much they enjoy the feeling of being able to stay outdoors even when it’s raining, so PVC outdoor blinds have the feel-good factor as well.

Did you know that PVC blinds expand on hot days and contract on cold days. , At Louvretec we use premium materials for our PVC outdoor blinds. The contraction and expansion factors are greatly reduced because of this, so we urge you to always seek out PVC outdoor blinds that are made from superior materials. Cheaper pvc options will look worse for wear before you know it, and will soon need replacing.

In summary, if you’re looking for outdoor blinds for winter in New Zealand, then take a look at - and through - our range of PVC outdoor blinds. When it comes to protection from the elements during the cooler months, they’re a great choice. We’ll happily help you choose outdoor blinds that best fit into your setting so get in touch and we’ll discuss how we can combine shelter with style.