Ready For Summer? We Are

Time flies and we’re already looking forward to another hot Kiwi summer. Our extensive product range makes outdoor living possible all year round - but nothing beats enjoying your outdoor space on a hot and sunny day! You can do just that while being able to control excessive heat, shade and pests through the use of things like our aluminium louvres and outdoor blinds.  

Some of the most popular summer products in our range include beautiful mesh outdoor blinds. Mesh blinds are ideal for cooling and shade purposes. You get to decide on how much “openness” within the mesh that allows for micro ventilation within the outdoor area for more effective cooling. The cooling qualities of mesh are enhanced when you use them to give you the shade you need when the sun is at its brightest. These blinds offer a high degree of privacy too. During the day, you can see out while those outside your space can’t see in. (However, we need to point out that it’s the other way around when you light up your outdoor area at night!) 

Mesh blinds also act as an effective bug barrier and can reduce the number of flies and flying insects that like to gatecrash outdoor social events - and all the while, the blinds stay strong, sturdy and highly water-resistant.

If you’re looking at outdoor blinds as a way to control heat, shade and insects during the summer months, then we highly recommend mesh blinds. But they’re not the only option available to you. There are PVC blinds that are more solid than mesh blinds, thereby delivering a complete barrier against wind and rain. They are also good at maintaining a constant temperature in an outdoor living space allowing your guests to stay comfortable for longer. And because of the clear material they’re made from, they offer a great view of your beautiful garden. And don’t forget our louvre shutters - yet another way to control shade and light in the sunny season.

At the end of the day, what you choose comes down to a number of factors e.g. where you live, the look you’re trying to create, the age and style of your home, and the typical climate conditions in your neck of the woods. No matter what you decide, our products will keep you comfortable this summer. Contact your nearest LouvreTec NZ dealership and we’ll help you work out the best option.