Redecorating The Patio For Warmer Months

With the chilly winter months gone by, summer is the best season to enjoy your patio. People want to be outside, we want to feel the sun but not the full force of it. Being able to open up your home to the outdoors and enjoy indoor outdoor flow is another bonus. Patios should feel inviting and reflect  the style of a home too. 

In this blog, we share our design tips to redecorate your patio this summer, from installing concertina louvers to adjusting your complimentary accents around the space - to revitalise your patio. 

Create Space With Light 

Because of the functionality of concertina louvers, homeowners can easily create more space in a confined area. Adjust the louvres to let light enter your outdoor room, or if sun and privacy control is required simply tilt the louvres to the angle you require.  

Create A Consistent Flow 

To achieve indoor outdoor flow an Opening Roof opens your home up to the outdoors. Transition from your lounge out on to your covered patio area. Your opening roof over your patio will provide operable weather control. Close the louvres for overhead shelter, open the louvres as required.

Use a similar colour palette for dressing and styling your outdoor room. Beautiful cushions and blankets draped over the back of outdoor furniture create a feeling of comfort and a connection to the rest of your home.

Bring The Outdoors Into Your Patio

Pot leafy plants & display in your outdoor room to make a connection to the surroundings. 

Your patio will make you fall in love with your home all over again. 


We all love being outside, enjoying the afternoon sun, relaxing with family and friends. However, prying eyes and loud neighbours can be really off putting. An added advantage of louvre shatters is that they can provide you with the needed privacy without compromising on enjoying your outdoor entertainment area. 

The sturdy construction of concertina louvers and their automated design, they can shut the nosiness and create a complete area of solitude. And whenever you’re not in the mood to shut the great outdoors completely, or still want the view of your garden, simply opt for a different amount of privacy by sliding or folding your louvre to your liking. 

Concertina louvers are a great addition and feature to have in any home right through the year. They can cover large areas and still allow anyone to look in. Entertain your family and friends without worrying about the safety of children in the backyard with your patio or outdoor area

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