Retract Roofs for Your Patio Are Made to Last

Heat from the sun during the summer months can make it uncomfortable to spend time outdoors. In most cases, sitting near a west-facing window can be unbearable and bad for the interior of your home.

A simple and effective way to create more shade in and around your home is by installing a retractable Opening Roof over your deck to control the sun and create a shady retreat when needed. Or alternatively when you want to enjoy the skies above simply retract the louvres back to enjoy the freshness. A Retractable Opening Roof instantly adds a functional design element to your home loved by architects and it will be one of the best additions you will ever make to your home, and here’s why.

Sun Louvre Systems Save You Money

One of the most effective ways to keep the sun from coming in through windows is with a sun louvre system for your windows. Instead of cranking up the air conditioning in your home and increasing your expenses, installing a simple shade is an effortless way to lowering your electric bill. It helps keep the sun from coming in and also protects the inside of your home from sun damage on your furniture, carpet, rugs and floors which can be expensive to fix down the line. Louvretec sun louvre systems can be hand operable, motorised or angled in place.

sun control with retract roof

Enhance Your Home

A retractable Opening Roof teamed with a sun louvre system can increase the visual appeal of your home or patio. Both will add depth, colour and comfort to enhance the appearance of your outdoor living area. A retractable awning/opening roof can also protect your outdoor furnishing and deck from fading in the sunlight. Select from a range of fabric and design to suit the look of your home and offer the right amount of shading you’re after.

Simple Operation of Your Retractable Opening Roof

Motorised retractable Opening Roofs offer you the best of both worlds. Shade when required or the open skies above when you wish. Being able to have shade easily at your convenience, even from inside the house will make your outdoor room your favourite gathering spot.

Louvretec operable retractable awnings and Opening Roofs are easily operated from either a remote control, a wall switch or from an app installed on your smartphone, iPad/device.

Where to Get Retractable Opening Roofs From in NZ

If you’re after an energy-efficient home that protects you from the harsh elements and brings your home to the next level, Louvretec NZ can help you get started with our retractable system. We offer a range of retractable Opening Roofs designed to your precise requirements and installed by our team of experienced installers.

Contact us to get the information and assistance you need to make the best purchase for your home.