Revive Your Deck in the Colder Months

As much as we love summer; the sunny days, the long and balmy evenings, the barbeques and the outdoor entertaining, these things can all take a toll on your deck. Food and beverage spill not cleaned up immediately and ground-in dirt can cause damage to the wood. Sun exposure can cause discolouration and the moisture and humidity can foster the growth of mosses, mildew, algae and mould.

Get summer-ready by using this time now to revive your deck making sure it looks immaculate before the cold weather melts away into days of outdoor entertaining and summer barbeques.

Give the deck a good clean

Using a strong bristled brush, start by giving your deck a good sweep, to remove built-up dirt and leaves. A high-pressure cleaner can then be used to wash away any remaining dirt, however, follow instructions carefully as the pressure of these cleaning devices may cause wood to split or crack. Once the excess dirt has been removed, detergent can be used to loosen and lift marks.

If your deck has developed some mould there are many anti-mould cleaners on the market, but if you first wet the mouldy area, then use some a good squirt of detergent dissolved in to a bucket of warm water and sweep this on while the deck is still wet & then hose this off you will be at home much will be removed.

Revive Your Deck

Apply a protective finish

The winter months come with a great deal of moisture such as rain, snow, ice and sleet which can cause an unprotected deck to split or crack. To ensure maximum protection for your deck in the winter months, apply a water-repellant sealer or stain. There is a vast range of wood finishes on the market that offers both protection and the opportunity to achieve a certain aesthetic.

Choices range from transparent water repellants to paints and stains, each creates a different look and have different protective properties. If after cleaning, your deck is still showing signs of wear and tear, try stripping its deteriorated painted or stained finish before applying the new protective finish.

Protect your deck with Louvretec

Another way to protect your deck from the elements this winter is to install a Louvretec Opening Roof and close in the sides with sun louvres, glass doors or outdoor blinds - allowing you to still enjoy your outdoor living space while protecting your deck from the elements. Prolong the lifespan of your deck and allow outdoor living and entertainment to continue even into the colder months.