Street Appeal All Year Long With These Tips

Front Door View

The street view of your home gives people their first impressions of your property. However, most people often don’t consider the street appeal of their homes until it comes to selling - when they have fresh eyes as they get their home market ready. A strong street appeal captures the interest of potential buyers and gets them curious to see what is inside.

Here are topics to consider when it comes to your home’s street appeal:

The front door

When considering the street appeal of your home, the front door is the focal point. As it is the point of entry, the other elements, such as paths, should guide people’s eyes to it. The colour of your door can say a lot about you, and there is no reason that you cannot change it up regularly. A vibrantly coloured front door is not for everyone, but it can help a house stand out from others. Add a modern keyless locking system, an interesting knocker or doorbell or a stunning set of street numbers. We are seeing letter slots making a come back too.

Guide the way to the front door

Make the journey to the front door clear and easy. A swept driveway, stepping stones, pavers or a path - make sure that the way to the front door is clearly mapped out. Outdoor lighting is a smart way to guide the way at night while highlighting the beautiful garden and the architectural features of your home.


Plants will give a fresh and natural look to the front of your home. Make sure they are trimmed, healthy and well-kept. An asymmetrical front garden can be an excellent way to guide people’s eyes to the entrance. You don’t need to be an expert gardener or dedicate a whole lot of time to tending to plants to have a beautiful front garden. Consider low-maintenance species of such as succulents, camellias, bromeliads, michelia coloured flaxes and libertia. Plant in groups of odd numbers such as 3 x mini flax plants or 5 x grass.

One of our favourite homes has a series of green grasses with a backdrop of a silver louvre fence. The plants really pop with this backdrop.

Break down the wall

A fence and gate system can be necessary if you have kids and pets. However, a significant barrier between your property and the rest of the world can seem rather uninviting. Instead of a solid, barricading fence, consider a modern and attractive Louvretec fence with the louvre infills angled as you require. Add a sliding or hinged Louvretec vehicle gate or pedestrian gate for stunning aesthetics and functionality.

Chimney surrounds

Wrapping your chimney with aluminium sun louvres provides for an elegant, modern look to your home. An integral part of a renovation or new build. The addition of a louvre chimney cowl or surround is a simple yet effective addition to your home. They are custom made to your requirements and are available in many colours.

Don’t overlook the letterbox

People often neglect their letterboxes when attempting to improve the street appeal of their homes. However, their position out the front of the house means that they can't afford to be overlooked. Make sure your mailbox is clean and free from cobwebs, with the numbers clearly visible and securely screwed in place. A well-maintained letterbox is a sign that the property has been cared for and properly maintained too. Even spray painting your existing letterbox black and adding copper coloured or silver numbers will make a difference.

The grass is greener where you water it

It’s time to get out the lawnmower - healthy and manicured green grass will make your property look more appealing.

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