Summer in NZ - Advantages of Louvres & Shutters

During the warm summer months in New Zealand, everyone would be looking for a way to cool off. While the beaches are popular hangout spots, it would be great if your home too could be cool and comfy. Adding louvres and shutters to your home design is just the thing you need to ventilate your home. Getting a cool air current to pass through your rooms during summer is the perfectly natural way to cool your home down. With adjustable louvres and shutters, you can angle them exactly the way you want and even close them if you get too cold. Let’s take a closer look at louvres and shutters.

Louvres in Summer


Louvres are slats that are usually arranged horizontally in a window or even a roof. The slats are positioned at an angle to allow in air and light but keep out direct sunlight and rain. The newest trend in louvres is electrically (or motorised) adjustable louvres that can be moved and angled according to your preference.

In New Zealand, summers can get quite warm and having louvres installed, provides a natural and eco-friendly cooling system. Louvres in the windows and roof can be opened to allow a cool breeze to circulate through the house. They can also be angled in just the right way to brighten up the house without the glare of direct sunlight.

The use of louvres in many cases can eliminate the use of air conditioning which is of great advantage to the environment. Louvres come in a variety of colours and designs which allow you to decorate your home to suit your style while adding a touch of practicality. Make the most of this versatile architectural accessory to make your home cool in more ways than one.


Shutters provide a framework for louvres to be fitted into doors and windows. They are made up of horizontal rails and vertical stiles into which the louvres can be slated. Louvretec Shutters are all aluminium which are durable. They can be powdercoated with a wood grain finish to give the look of wooden shutters but the durability of aluminium. The louvres that are fitted into the shutters can either be fixed or adjustable. The louvre and shutter combination fitted into doors and windows is a great way to control the amount of air and light coming into the house. The shutters and louvres can also be adjusted to allow a view of the outside from the inside.

Different types of louvres and shutters

Louvres and shutters are available in different varieties which include:

  1. Fixed louvres and shutters
  2. Adjustable louvres and shutters
  3. Wide-bladed louvres
  4. Narrow-bladed or slim blade louvres
  5. Rectangular shaped blade louvres
  6. Airfoil shaped blade louvres
  7. Available in a range of anodised or powdercoated finishes including the popular wood grain finish to achieve the look of wooden louvre
  8. Sliding, Bifolding, Plantation style windows and doors or hinged style shutters are available from Louvretec.
Louvretec has a wide range of louvres and shutters for you to choose from. Check out our products to find something that suits you perfectly or just contact us straight away!