Sunny New Zealand Needs More LouvreTec Louvres

Summer is almost here and demand for our outdoor aluminium louvres in NZ is increasing as the sunny season gets closer. People all over the country want to transform their existing outdoor areas into spectacular ones for summer, and LouvreTec products help them achieve that. But did you know the sunny seasons we experience in New Zealand are getting longer? It’s official. The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) says so.

According to NIWA, most New Zealand locations now get, on average, about two hours more sunshine every year compared to the previous year, or 20 hours more every decade. Spread out over the course of a year, two hours might not sound like much but it confirms that New Zealand is getting warmer, not cooler and that outdoor rooms and other outside entertainment areas will get more use, not less. It certainly explains the growing popularity of LouvreTec products - they’re tailor-made for sunny days, and even the hours after the sun goes down.

New Zealand might not be thought of a hot spot when it comes to climate. We don’t get the heat extremes that many other countries have to endure, but we still get plenty of sun amidst a pleasant and moderate climate that makes us the envy of the world. Of the main centres, the last survey of sun hours each year revealed the following:

Tauranga, 2314 hours of sun

Auckland, 2041 hours of sun

Hamilton, 2029 hours of sun

Christchurch, 2017 hours of sun

Dunedin, 1946 hours

Wellington, 1900 hours

In regional areas, parts of Northland, the Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Hawke's Bay, Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough usually receive annual sunshine of more than 2250 hours per year, so town or country, New Zealand is a sunny place and outdoor living is a way of life. 

We’re here to help you make the most of the sun, no matter where you live. There are NZ LouvreTec dealerships from Northland to Southland and everywhere in between. Even if we don’t have a permanent branch in some areas, our team members regularly travel all over the country, so we can come to you. Check out our locations page to see the areas we service. There is a sure to be a LouvreTec professional near you, so get in touch and find out more about adding some of our outdoor style to your home for these increasingly long sunny seasons.