Take On Winter with PVC Outdoor Blinds

Kiwis love the outdoors. We don’t normally let the elements get in the way of a good time, whether it be the coldest winter or scorching heat waves, we manage to find a way to continue on with our outdoor way of living.

The trick is to create an outdoor space that remains comfortable all year long. This is where PVC outdoor blinds come in handy for tackling the season all year round. Many houses in New Zealand already feature a pergola set up so adding an exterior blind can quickly be installed onto these structures to produce an outdoor entertainment area. Even better if your pergola features a Louvretec Opening roof and wish to close in the sides. Even if it's chilly outside does not mean your outdoor space has to sit unused - Louvretec has premium infrared heaters and lighting systems which are the perfect accessories. Outdoor blinds will keep your area dry and protected and will create a cosy outdoor space for your family and friends to gather throughout the colder months.

Clearing out wind and debris

Mesh Outdoor blinds not only create an outdoor room they also help increase your privacy. they also reduce fallen leaves, dirt and debris build-up within your outdoor area. This winter is not only going to be the chilliest one but weather indicates a gusty climate as well. Outdoor blinds provide a barrier not just from rain and wind, but also what the wind brings in such as winter leaves and dirt. 

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Outdoor blinds an all-year solution

The best feature of all-weather outdoor blinds is that they work perfectly, all year round. They not only benefit you in winter but Mesh shade blinds work wonders in the summer to block out harmful rays and scorching heat from your home. 

Imagine having the alternative to develop the ideal outdoor enjoyment area anytime, at the press of a switch. You can have your outdoor blinds extended fully for privacy, or when you are having a BBQ, and have them up to let some sunshine and natural breeze in. The best thing is, it’s a one-time cost with long term benefits for all everyone at home and your guests.