The best plants for your outdoor room

As remote work is on the rise, the first quarter of 2022 is the perfect time to consider how to create a beneficial working environment at home. A home office is a new requirement for those of us who have found extended periods spent working from home over the past few years. Having a room with natural light and access to fresh, outdoor air, is essential to a happy home office. Lovretec opening roofs offer sunlight control and shelter from less-than-perfect weather. You can also go a step further by allowing us to install an outdoor room by closing in the sides of your deck by adding 'infill sides'. Increased, functional living space year round.

With a new spectacular space comes the chance to add accessories. Adding a little greenery can help purify air, improve your daily mood and add a pleasing natural aesthetic element. To help you decorate your Lovretec room, we’ve chosen the best 5 office plants for your home.


The Rolls Royce of office plants, the beautiful Monstera plant is a popular companion. It is a climbing, evergreen perennial vine that is known for its large perforated leaves on thick plant stems. Happy when watered once per week, they also have good air cleaning properties.

ZZ Plant

This simple but satisfying plant originated from the continent of Africa. Since its introduction to the rest of the world after 1996, it has become a popular staple in offices ever since. They thrive in various levels of light and work to remove pollutants from indoor air. They are graceful with wand-like stems that taper to a point. 

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are sturdy plants with glossy, dark green oval leaves that narrow to a point. The leaves rise directly from the soil. These plants also periodically produce lightly fragrant white flowers that resemble calla lilies. The long-lasting flowers start out pale green and slowly turn creamy white as they open. Not only do they look pretty and thrive in any environment, they are one of the best plants to improve air quality. Easy to look after and only need watering once or twice per week.

Snake Plant

These can vary in size with sword-like leaves commonly 60cm high. The foliage is stiff, broad, and upright, in a dark green color variegated with white and yellow striping. Equally happy in low light and sat in sunlight, this species is very tolerant and maintenance-free. Snake Plants also improve the quality of air around them. 


Deep-green leaves have coloured delicate veins throughout. Sometimes known as the nerve plant, these perfect office plants thrive in fluorescent light and cleanse the surrounding air. These are popular office plant choices because of their gorgeous appearance. It's hard not to fall for these beautiful plants.

Decide on your perfect home office room by looking at Louvretec today.