The definitive list of why you should transform your deck to an outdoor room

There aren’t many more simple pleasures than enjoying well-earned downtime in the quiet  sanctuary of your garden, sitting with a book in hand eating Tim Tams on your deck. Unfortunately, when the weather turns or the mighty New Zealand sun gets all too much, you have to retreat back inside where the stresses are aplenty. 

Fortunately, we have a solution. Below are 9 reasons why you should consider transforming your deck or patio area into a functional outdoor room. 

  1. You set the scene. Enjoy operable overhead shelter over your deck area. This brings much needed shade and sun protection and can extend the lifespan of your deck. Overhead louvres open and close up to 180 degrees so you can follow the sun as it moves.
  1. Shade. Our roofs provide welcomed shade from the harsh NZ

sun and therefore protection from damaging UV rays in the summer. A Louvretec Opening Roof lets you enjoy the outdoors longer where afternoons easily transition into evenings. 

  1. Functional in winter. On the flip side to the above point, an Opening Roof makes 

your outdoor living space functional in winter, with protection from the harsh elements. Transform your outdoor area to a year round escape from the confines of the indoors. Add a Louvretec heater & lighting system for warmth and ambience too.

  1. Eye catching good looks. Opening Roofs are not only functional, they look good too and add an eye catching, clever touch to your home. Having a retractable roof on your deck area provides an architectural aesthetic designed to your precise requirements.
  1. Enjoy privacy when and as required. With smaller backyards we know that privacy is 

important. Having an operable louvre system lets you set and control conditions. 

  1. Exercise pad. Under the shade of an opening roof is a great spot for exercising outdoors. Enjoy working out at home with shade and air flow control. 
  1. More space & Glare control. An opening/closing roof over your deck creates another space in your home and creates flow to the outdoors - where reading your book on kindle is achievable being able to controlglare on your screen thanks to your controllable opening and closing roof.
  1. Protect outdoor furniture and soft furnishings you style it with by closing your opening roof over your deck area ’ when not in use. We know how frustrating it can be removing cushions, adding cushions, just to remove them again. Hassle over. 
  1. Unique selling point. With the housing market booming, what else could set your home apart from the rest of the street than having the most well-equipped garden for a New Zealand family? A Louvretec Opening Roof system brings a unique selling point to stand out on the market. 

Can’t wait any longer to transform your deck area or backyard garden in to a functional outdoor room? Make an enquiry and we’d be happy to help.