The Importance Of Street Appeal

Our aluminium louvres are  sleek and stylish that they instantly add street appeal when they’re installed. Street appeal is a widely used term, so much so that it might be seen by some as something of a cliche. But the fact is, it is as important as it ever was.

Street appeal (also known as curb appeal) is that first impression your home makes when someone sees it from the street. Most of the time, we associate street appeal with real estate and how homebuyers perceive a home when they first lay their eyes on it. It has been said it takes just 8 seconds for someone to decide whether or not they like a home. That’s not long to make that critical first impression, and it underlines the importance of creating great street appeal. In doing so, you will enjoy another major benefit - better home security.

Many of the things you do to increase street appeal will make your home and property more secure. For example, a new garage door will make that part of your home look nicer but it will make it more secure too, thanks to advanced locks and even sensors that alert you if anyone is trying to open it. By the same token, your front entrance is very much a focal point for the front of your home - by upgrading to a new one, you not only enhance that point of focus but you can invest in a door with superior lock technology and access control. Even the letterbox, which is one the first things people see, can be updated to provide a positive initial impression while, at the same time, incorporating security features that make it much harder for opportunistic thieves to access.

The front fence, like the letterbox, is one of the first things anyone will notice and by repairing a “gappy” fence or replacing it altogether, you’re creating a more secure barrier between your home and the street. Landscaping of your front yard obviously adds to street appeal too and is yet another way to boost security. For example, trimming trees and hedges makes them look nice and tidy but also improves the sightlines from your home so you can have a clear view over the front of your property. And as many homebuyers like to check out a home at night, some outdoor garden lighting will not only look good for them but will be a real turn off to less honest people who like to hide in darkened areas before breaking in. 

Of course, our aluminium louvre shutters are a great security feature in their own right. Our hand operable louvre shutters have a  slidelock to keep them in the closed position, or you might prefer to bracket fix or end fix louvres over a window in a stand off frame. And because aluminium is strong, durable and weather-resistant, your shutters will act as a deterrent and a barrier for many years longer than their wooden equivalents.

When it’s time to increase street appeal, for reasons of home value and security, our aluminium 

louvre shutters should be a part of your plans. Contact us to find out more.