The Origin of Louvretec

Louvretec will be completing twenty years as a company soon. When we look back, we sometimes find it hard to believe how a small family-owned business that started in our living room has grown as a business and as a family.

What inspired us

Way back in 1997, we realised that there was no company in New Zealand that offered optimal solutions for weather protection and sun and wind control. People’s most valuable asset is their homes and we were looking to cater to this aspect of home improvement while adding value and giving them a sense of security and privacy.

Why sunroofs and louvres

We would often want to sit outside on our deck and enjoy the sunshine but it was always too hot and the sun too harsh. We thought it would be nice to have an adjustable roof over us which could let in just the right amount of light but keep out the glare. There was no such product available back then and so we decided to create it. There was a gap in the home improvement market that we felt inspired to fill.

How we got started

After our first revelation, it took us two years of research, brainstorming and development before we were ready to release our first design. We worked from our home and in 1999, launched our first opening roof and sun louvre.
Getting started was hard work. We employed our son who was an MBA graduate as our first employee and working seven days a week, we built Louvretec from the ground up. Our target market back then was architects and we received a lot of feedback while explaining the concept to them.
Spurred on by the success of our first launch and by gaining some valuable insights, we started to grow the company. We moved operations out of our home and into our garage and when we got too big for the garage, we relocated to a converted barn in Albany. A year later, we made the decision to play it big and leased commercial premises.

Every step of the way, we kept innovating and creating new products that would improve our clients' home improvement experience. We were now seventy employees strong but felt like one big happy family that ran like a well-oiled machine. Eventually, we bought the property and the buildings on it, on which our company stands today.

Louvretec today

People who drop in at Louvretec often comment on the positive vibe that is always going around. Our greatest asset is our employees and we all work together in beautiful harmony which increases our creativity and productivity. Our customers and their needs are what inspires us the most and it is with their satisfaction in mind that we continue on this journey.

From our first sunroof and sun louvre launched in 1999, we now offer seven different varieties of sunroofs and thirty styles of sun louvres. Louvretec, which was once just an idea, has grown into a market leader in the home improvement sector both in New Zealand and Australia.