The Science Behind Outdoor Relaxation

Kiwis are spending more time and effort in creating spectacular outdoor entertainment areas. We see this first-hand, thanks to the increasing demand for our products including outdoor blinds, louvre roofs, sun louvres and more. The great thing is, when New Zealanders invest in these sorts of products they’re also investing in the physical and mental wellbeing of themselves, as well as their family and their friends. We have the scientific evidence to prove it!

Erica Price of San Diego is a therapeutic recreational specialist so she is basically an expert on the benefits associated with doing things we enjoy! Relaxing with friends in our wonderful outdoor entertainment areas is just one of them, and Ms Price would suggest this is a very good thing to do, for both body and mind. This is nicely summed up in a report she recently published that highlights five big benefits of spending time outdoors:

  • Benefit One: Being outdoors accelerates the healing process after illness or surgery. These things can be painful and scary, which increases stress levels and decreases your body’s ability to heal itself. But Erica Price has uncovered research that shows that patients who spent a good part of their recuperation period outdoors experienced fewer complications and required fewer painkillers, while their hospital stays were considerably shorter as well. 
  • Benefit Two: Being outdoors reduces stress and lowers your blood pressure. Erica Price says that something as simple as relaxing outdoors and looking at the trees and plants in your garden will reduce stress-related hormones like cortisol and adrenaline which make us feel edgy and jumpy.
  • Benefit Three: Price says that nature is an organic mood improver where depression, anger and anxiety can be significantly decreased. 
  • Benefit Four: Children and adults who find it difficult to focus, or to manage their impulses state that they concentrate better after being close to nature. The natural environment, be it in the backyard or further afield, allows our brains to relax well away from everything that wires us.
  • Benefit Five: Price points to a study in the Journal of Ageing and Health that found people over the age of 70 who spent reasonable periods outdoors reported improved sleep, fewer aches and pains, improved mobility and were better able to carry out everyday tasks and activities.

The nicer your outdoor space, the more you’ll want to use it - and you’ll reap the physical and mental rewards as a result. So if you have home improvements in mind for 2021, we suggest you reconsider that new kitchen or bathroom and contact us to discuss creating something special outside instead. It really will do you the world of good!