Transformation of Shutters

Present day shutters are known for their classic style that adds character to a home while offering some form of privacy. But how have shutters changed over the hundreds and thousands of years? Let’s take a look at the transformation of shutters over the years.

What were shutters originally used for?

Shutters have been around for centuries and were originally made out of marble. Over time, wood replaced marble and the louvres were adjustable and used to control how much light would enter the home. They were also used throughout Europe for security, ventilation and ciphering in sunlight and were made in giant pieces of wood with heavy bolts to stop people from breaking in. To this day they are still excellent for keeping your house secure but they have other great features as well.

What are the other uses of shutters?

They are excellent for ventilation and cooling down your home in summer but keeping the cold air out in winter and also keeping warm air in your home. With efficient cooling that leaves no carbon footprint, it is a very environmental way to lower the temperature of your home. They are also great for deciding how much natural light enters a room and keeping up with the overall aesthetic of the house. Louvretec shutters feature slide locks for security.

What are shutters made out of?

Shutters no longer are just made out of wood, the reason for this is wood doesn't fit everyone's house design and is not great at withstanding the different elements. Louvretec shutters are made of aluminium and this means the shutters can be powder coated or anodised to blend in or match with the rest of the joinery in your home. The materials used are also corrosion tested and are made to last a lot longer than timber shutters or wood shutters.

What shutter options are out there?

Shutters come with three different opening mechanisms for the shutters; Hinged, sliding and bi-folding. Hinged shutters are based on the original shutter design, however, they have been enhanced with aluminium blades that have been tested against various weather conditions as well as corrosion. They also have a wool pile strip that is placed within the ends of each aluminium blade. The wool is used to prevent the shutters from rattling, and it helps with weather protection. These features have brought shutters into the modern era. The sliding shutter is effortless to use with easy sliding technology. Bi-folding shutters are a great addition to the home and fold onto themselves with ease.

Using shutters in your home or building provides stunning aesthetics and functionality such as sun control and privacy. Louvretec has many shutter options to present to you. Contact your local Louvretec dealer or for more information visit the technical shutters page.