What Is A Retractable Roof?

Retractable roofs are popular across the globe. Sports lovers are particularly familiar with them as retractable roofs are often seen covering sports stadiums allowing the event to continue even in extreme cold, heat or rain. These retractable roofs not only allow the particular sport to be played, but shelter the spectators as well.

This is where the idea of a Residential Retractable Roof stemmed from and the design team at Louvretec have been working on getting this product designed, manufactured and certified in conjunction with engineers and Advanced Design Innovations – we’re proud to say the Louvretec Retractable Roof is now available.

Did you know retractable stadium roofs also allow for natural grass to grow in extreme weather conditions. The first retractable stadium roof was constructed in 1961 in the US.

Since then, innovations in design and materials have led to the development of many types of retractable roofs for use at homes, restaurants, stadiums, swimming pools and buildings.

The Louvretec Retractable roof, also known as an operable sliding/closing roof system has the ability for the louvres to retract back and then neatly stack away leaving approximately 75% open space. Bring the roof louvres back in place again when you want to create a cozy haven and enjoy shelter and protection from the weather. The louvre blades can turn up to 135 degrees.

Retractable Roof Louvretec

What’s also fantastic about the Louvretec Retractable Roof is that the Louvre blades used
allows for overall frames of up to an unprecedented 6m wide span in Extra Heavy Wind
Zones. This is big!

With the retractable roofs installed, the dream of creating a backyard resort, an outdoor room or are treat can be realized! Whether it is a quiet dinner while gazing at the stars or an outdoor recreation area, retractable roofs make it possible to have an extra outdoor space that has all the needed comforts.

Why use retractable roofs

Instead of opting for a permanent roof that does not offer any flexibility, a retractable roof lets you control the amount of sunlight/sky or your view uninterrupted.

It serves many functions and purposes. The outdoor space can be used for a wide range of activities including an outdoor spa retreat, pool deck, barbecue, Al Fresco, entertainment zone or play area.

Louvretec’s range of Opening roofs, sun louvres and retractable range can be customized
completely to your design requirements.

With sturdy, high quality, durable materials used in the manufacture of retractable roofs, maintenance is easy. The aluminum used in these roofs mean there are no concerns of rotting, breakage, leaks or mold.

Here are some of the benefits of retractable roofs:

  • They are aesthetically pleasing and have great design options
  • Retract the louvre blades back and enjoy the freshness of a wide open space overhead
  • and enjoy your view unimpeded.
  • Alternatively bring the louvre blades back in place to create overhead cover for your
  • deck and create a cozy haven and enjoy weather protection.
  • Complete automation which means you can shut or open with a button
  • Can add value to your property
  • Provides protection from the elements
  • Provides privacy protection