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Location: Contour Roofing Blenheim is a Louvretec authorised dealer
Address: 41 Venice Place, Stoke, Nelson
Phone: 03 538 0824
Postal: 41 Venice Place, Stoke, Nelson
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm

Being the sunshine capital of New Zealand has its own challenges. Where can you go in Nelson to escape the summer heat? In winter, the sun’s harsh glare can make some living areas unbearable. What’s the solution?

What if there was a way to control the amount of sunlight coming into your home and backyard? You could adjust the amount of light and shade to suit you, without being at the sun’s mercy. Louvretec can transform your Nelson property into a home truly suited to New Zealand’s sunshine capital.

There’s a fine line between the sunlight that streams through your kitchen window to make your home feel warm and bright, and the harsh glare that makes enjoying living spaces unbearable. Sun Louvre Systems can be customised and retrofitted to your windows, making it easy for you to control the way sunlight enters your home. The adjustable Sun Louvres are ideal for controlling glare and natural light, without blocking your outside views.

From the way you enjoy natural light inside, to beating the heat outside, Nelson’s hot summers can force people off the deck and back indoors to escape the heat. With the push of a button, Louvretec Retractable Opening Roofs can extend across your patio, providing comfortable shade from the midday sun. As the sun dips towards the afternoon, you can either rotate the louvres, or retract the roof back so you can bask in the sunlight once again.

All Louvretec Sun Louvres and Retractable Systems are available in different styles and a wide range of powder coat colours, including a wood grain finish, to match your home’s design. Do you want to make an architectural statement, or have your Louvretec system seamlessly blend into the background? They’re automatic and easily controlled, without compromising your home’s safety and comfort.

Get your outdoor area summer ready today. Our experienced Louvretec specialists are right across the Nelson, Blenheim and Marlborough area. We’ll come to you, discuss your ideas, and offer a free, no obligation measure and quote. Create a better indoor/outdoor flow around your home and contact the team at Louvretec today.