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Louvretec endeavors to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction to both the product and service provided by us.
We strive to provide the highest quality standards on all levels of sales, manufacturing and installation
for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Why we started Louvretec

"Outdoor Living - It has been said that in architecture 'everything has a flow to the outside'.  20 years ago that was the motivation behind starting up Louvretec.

It seemed to make a lot of sense to introduce a product that in a practical way actually facilitated that, and so it was proved - enter the new Louvretec 180 Classic Opening Roof, followed closely by the Louvretec 180 Airfoil and 120 Airfoil.  We had the market covered, an Opening Roof system for people wanting a fully adjustable enclosed space with protection from the weather, plus two really cool, adjustable Airfoil shaped Sun Louvres providing shade and privacy.

The issue for Louvretec was convincing people there actually was a market, and look, here is new range of lifestyle products designed for that market that look great and are super functional. We were fortunate – a small group of architects not only saw the potential but came up with beautifully designed creative applications for “the Louvretec” and things simply grew from there.

Today our core business hasn’t really changed – there is of course a wider range of Opening Roof and Sun Louvre options with smoother, smarter operating systems, and our “Louvretec Rooms” take Outdoor Living to a completely new level.

Best of all, now architects and designers all over the world are coming up with even more beautifully designed uses and applications.  Homeowners more than ever are also seeing the wonderful advantages of “the Louvretec goes here” - It’s still all about an even better “flow to the outside".

Contact your closest Louvretec Dealer today and start exploring the options". - Bill Collins | Director

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We support:

Sentinel Homes Charity House Auction for The Parenting Place 

2017 Westpac Rescue Helicopter

The 2017 NZ Special Children's Christmas party

Local sports teams

Local school fundraising initiatives

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and of course if you are in Australia pop on over to our Australian website www.louvretec.com.au