Aluminium vs Wood: Why Our Louvres Are Better

Aluminium louvres in NZ are becoming increasingly popular, and are now a preferred choice over wood when it comes to outdoor louvre shutters. We’re fielding plenty of enquiries from people who, just a few short years ago may have opted for wooden shutters.   

Did you know that you can choose a wood grain finish for your aluminium Louvretec louvres so you still can use and enjoy the look of timber but with the reassurance that the louvres are aluminium? We have so  many options to show you.

We believe that our aluminium louvres are an excellent long term investment. Aluminium is a durable and weather-resistant material, whereas wood or timber is not. No matter how much treatment wood receives, it is still sensitive to the local climate and will warp, shrink and crack over time, especially in rainy or coastal areas. When this happens, wooden shutters don’t provide as much weather-proofing as they should because gaps appear between each shutter & they can swell. Another consequence of this is that they become less secure. Gaps and weakened timber represent opportunities for wooden shutters to be easily prised open.

On the other hand, aluminium louvres in New Zealand are far more capable of delivering excellent protection against the weather and intruders, and can do so for many years. Our aluminium louvres are designed and manufactured to withstand the elements, even in areas where rainfall and saltwater-related corrosion have traditionally been problems. Shutters should stay shut when needed - and ours do!

While wooden shutters look beautiful at the start, they do require maintenance to keep them functional and looking good. Louvretec aluminium louvres are super easy to maintain and keep clean using a mild house-hold detergent, water and a soft brush or cloth. The stylish design and range of colours combine to make them very visually appealing, and they’ll keep looking good year after year.

It’s this ability to keep functioning and looking as good as new on end that make aluminium louvres a better long term investment than wooden shutters. While wood might do a good job for the short term, we believe our louvres will do a superior job for longer. That’s why aluminium louvres in NZ homes and businesses are becoming an increasingly common sight.

If you’re sold on the idea of external aluminium louvres at your place, get in touch with your nearest LouvreTec NZ branch and we’ll happily discuss how they can make a long term difference to your home or business.