How To Choose The Right Outdoor Blinds

Our outdoor blinds symbolise pretty much everything else in the LouvreTec NZ range: they combine a lot of style with just as much practicality. In the case of our outdoor blinds, they’re an aesthetically pleasing way to stay protected from the elements, be it sun, rain or wind.

Choosing the right outdoor blinds for your alfresco area depends on the look you want to achieve, the style of your home and, to a large extent, where you live. Our range includes mesh shade blinds and clear PVC blinds, and they offer distinct advantages in different situations.

For example, our mesh blinds are perfect for cooling and shade. With a tiny degree of openness, they allow for micro ventilation within the outdoor area for cooling purposes. If privacy is high on your list of priorities, then mesh blinds are also a good choice. During the day, you can see out while those standing outside the area can’t see in. However, it should be noted that it’s the other way around when you light up your outdoor area at night! As far as shade goes, mesh blinds do a wonderful job in that area too, while staying strong, sturdy and highly water-resistant.

When you read all of the good qualities that mesh shade blinds bring to an outdoor area, you might think that clear PVC blinds have little to offer by way of comparison. But our clients who live in windy parts of the country would disagree with you! PVC blinds are obviously more solid in structure than mesh blinds and provide a complete barrier against wind and rain. They also maintain a constant temperature in an outdoor living space so your guests will stay comfortable for longer, and because of the material they’re manufactured from, they offer a clear view of the rest of your garden. 

Both mesh blinds and PVC blinds are very good at keeping bugs out, and that’s another big advantage of adding them to your outdoor area. But when it comes to making a final decision between PVC and mesh, it will come down to your personal preference in terms of aesthetics, and more practical applications as well.  If you want our advice on what’s best for you, contact your nearest LouvreTec NZ dealership and we’ll happily discuss the subject with you.