How To Prepare Your Louvretec Outdoor Room For Summer

An outdoor room is as functional in any season as it is in summer, and as the warmer seasons are on our doorstep it is time to consider how to prepare your Louvretec room for the heat that is soon to hit. With summer holidays and backyard BBQs being planned by friends and family, it might be time to think about your next home gathering and how to make the most of summer. Something we endeavour to do every year. 

Opening Roof

Your outdoor room begins with an opening roof with durable aluminium louvres that offer the solution to both ends of the weather spectrum. Enjoy protection from harsh UV rays and rain when desired and permit sunlight and sky views whenever you wish with fully-adjustable designs. Your choice of hand-operable functionality or a motorised system in which you can remotely control opening and closing of the roof.

Frameless Sliding Glass Doors

Keep the outdoors in view when the temperature drops or the coastal winds get too strong with our Slidetec doors. Enjoy them open or closed depending on the weather without limiting your landscape and surroundings. The toughened glass is designed to cope with the sometimes harsh New Zealand elements. This addition is perfect for filling in the sides of your outdoor room.

Outdoor Blinds

For summer, our mesh blinds option is ideal in providing shade and privacy during hot and sunny days. They can help keep your outdoor room insulated in summer and in winter. In summer enjoy being able to block the heat of the sun yet allow light to filter through to keep your Louvretec room comfortable in the middle of the day. 

Lighting Options

Add lighting features to extend your gatherings way past sunset and maintain the comfort and usability of your outdoor room after nature says goodnight. Louvretec offers a range of lighting and heating options that can be added to your property that can help transform your daytime hangout space into an all-hours relaxation spot. The limits are endless.

If your Louvretec room is already complete, add decor in the way of finely balanced indoor/outdoor furniture, houseplants and a space to prepare and serve food and drinks to make this coming summer the best one yet. For those yet to commit to an outdoor room, get in touch with us today to enquire and get prepared for the hottest months in New Zealand by adding a bespoke outdoor room to your residential property soon.