Ideas for a covered deck

There’s something enticing about a wooden deck on a sunny New Zealand day. You can lounge around for hours on end reading, relaxing and sunbathing. It’s a place for barbecues, parties and families. Everyone loves a deck. Now the seasons have started to shift and we find ourselves entering the Autumn period where the temperature drops as often as the trees’ crispy leaves, most of us swap the calm sanctuary of the backyard for the shelter of the indoors for any mid-year gathering or lazy weekends.

We, however, disagree that decks are seasonal. At Louvretec, we see a use for them 365 days a year and have the solutions you need to transform your deck into an all-weather part of your home. Consider adding a cover to your deck with our Opening Roofs. 

Ways to cover your deck:

With 8 different styles of Opening Roofs for your deck area to choose from you can create an additional living space. Our Retractable Opening Roof takes things one step further by letting  you retract the louvre blades back if you wish to enjoy the sky above, or bring the louvres back in place for shelter. How clever is that?

Benefits of covering your deck:

From a merely functional level, covered decks offer a range of benefits. They offer  protection against the sometimes harsh New Zealand elements. They can assist to keep the wooden foundations of the deck dry and can increase its longevity with the shelter our roofs provide. An opening roof also protects the timber and outdoor furniture from sun damage with New Zealand’s less than perfect ozone layer. For you personally, the benefits offer much of the same. Covered decks can keep you warm and dry, and also keep you cool and shaded, depending on the weather conditions. It allows you to use the garden when normally you’d be confined to the protection of the indoors. 

Spending more time outdoors can decrease stress and promote a healthier happier lifestyle. Wouldn’t you be happier if you had more time for garden parties, eating outside and enjoying nature? 

Next steps: It doesn’t end with an Opening Roof. There’s scope to take your property to the next level by creating a Louvretec Room. Closing in the sides of your deck adds all-around protection from weather and prying neighbours. Choose from filling the sides of your deck with shutters, sliding glass doors or a choice of blinds. Our premium range of lighting and heating options will add the finishing touches to a brand new room to your home and one in which you’ll want to spend all your time.

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