Louvretec Keeps You Covered, Kelray Keeps You Warm

New Zealanders love of outdoor living and entertaining is as well known as is our passion for rugby, fish and chips and our beautiful pinot noirs. Combine all of these and it makes for a long afternoon that drifts seamlessly into nighttime.  Being able to open up our homes to create indoor-outdoor flow and enjoy external living even during winter is something we all appreciate and at Louvretec NZ, that’s what we’re all about.

Our products overcome the challenges presented by New Zealand’s often changeable weather and allow Kiwis to continue with their barbecues, backyard soirees and outdoor parties even when the weather changes and the temperatures plummet. Thanks to Louvretec Opening Roofs and Kelray Outdoor Heaters, grey days and cold nights will never get in the way of a good time. 

 The wonderful outdoor spaces that we help to create become such a beloved feature of the home that people want to enjoy them all year long, even during the winter months. That is why Louvretec NZ has partnered with Kelray heaters because we consider them to be the premium outdoor heating option in New Zealand. 

Set your scene and create a snug, wintertime atmosphere in your outdoor room with a motorised Louvretec patio louvre roof to keep you covered overhead and a Kelray outdoor heater to keep you warm. Kelray heaters deliver exceptional heating performance with the bonus that they’re New Zealand made, sleek and stylish, and with the highest quality materials and longest warranty on the local market. 

Kelray describes their products as the first New Zealand outdoor heating solution made with 316 marine grade steel - this is in stark contrast to other outdoor infrared heaters that are built using lower-grade stainless steel which makes them prone to rust in New Zealand's salt-laden air.  Your Kelray outdoor heater can also be powder coated to perfectly colour match your Opening roof - For all these reasons, and more, Louvretec is proud to be associated with the market-leading Kelray brand.

Heater options include the 2500W I-25 which heats a 3 x 3-metre space or the I-30 which has heat coverage of 3.5 x 3.5 metres. Kelray heaters work in conjunction with Louvretec Opening Roofs and fit seamlessly under the roof or beside it. Just remember,  Kelray outdoor heaters are designed for outdoor use. 

Your outdoor living space can be enjoyed during the colder months thanks to Louvretec Opening Roofs and Kelray Outdoor Heaters.  For more information on these groundbreaking New Zealand made heaters, and for Louvretec roofs, contact us and let’s talk about creating your new favourite room - an outdoor room