Plan ahead for this winter

May is here... winter is only 4 weeks away, daylight savings is long gone. The days are noticeably getting shorter and temperatures slowly staring to get a little cooler. Now is a good time to start considering your options if you’re not quite ready to let go of outdoor entertaining.

During the cooler months a common problem that customers come to us seeking a solution for is protection from the cold breezes. Outdoor Entertaining is still on the agenda when it is slightly cooler.  Our Clear PVC outdoor blinds are the ideal solution for protecting areas from cool breezes. These blinds are the perfect complement to a Louvretec Opening Roof, creating the ultimate Outdoor Room that provides your home with weather protection.  The clear PVC blinds also allow sunlight and warmth through even when closed on those sunny but cooler winter days. 

Alternatively, our hinged, sliding or bifolding shutters are also an excellent, harder wearing option. They can be slid aside during the day to allow sunlight to flow through and be partially or fully closed at night. Shutters are perfectly suited to areas which have outdoor fireplaces, kitchens or those wanting to BBQ throughout the year as the blades can be quickly opened for ventilation. Our shutters series maintain a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, perfect for any situation.