The 5 Biggest Benefits of Adding a Retractable Roof

We could list 100 reasons our Retractable Roof is an excellent addition to your home but we’ll limit ourselves to the top 5. First, let us explain all about our new Retractable Roof. The innovative and stylish design takes your garden to the next level with operable sun control perfect for weather protection in all seasons, using durable aluminium construction.


1. Extend Outdoor Use Throughout the Year

Having total control over your Retractable Roof allows you to enjoy the blue skies of New Zealand when you wish or shelter you from the midday sun. Partially retract your roof for the best of both worlds. It isn’t just summer that Retractable Roofs come in useful. When the weather turns they can provide much-needed shelter.  Having sunlight and adverse weather control systems in your outdoor room can grant you increased use of your back deck and garden area. Enjoy a winter morning coffee under the protection of your roof or relax into the evening in summer without the weather getting in your way.


2. Motorised Control

Coming with a full guarantee, you can use our Louvretec Retractable Roof with peace of mind. They perform as well as they look. Adjust and control your roof with ease using your custom remote control for easy and fuss-free use.


3. Enhance your home

Louvretec products are renowned for their quality and for enhancing your home. Introducing our Retractable Roof to your outdoor space can add value to your home with a functional addition that will improve your home and increase your living space. 


4. Variety of Purposes

Your Retractable Roof can give your outdoor room so many different functions. Add Slidetec Glass Doors to create a fully functional outdoor room and even add lighting and heating options for optimal comfort at any hour of the day. Our customers use their outdoor rooms for a multitude of purposes. As a place to entertain guests, as a games room for poker and board game nights, as a home cinema room as a cosy sleepout for visiting family and friends. Lie under the stars, followed by sleeping in a cosy and covered room - all in one. 


4. Our Reputation

Don’t just take our word for how good our products are. Reviews and testimonials on our website outline exactly how happy our customers are. We are proud and passionate about transforming homes with effective solutions to your problems. Get in touch with us today and find out more about adding a Retractable Roof to your property.