The Advantages Of Aluminium

Aluminium louvres in New Zealand are becoming increasingly common, and not just because they add a lot of style and function to a home. Aluminium itself is a wonderful material to work with.  At Louvretec NZ, we are only too happy to spell out the advantages of aluminium. 

Aluminium is a durable yet lightweight material - about a third of the weight of steel. But even though it isn’t as heavy as many other materials, it is still extremely strong. This makes it perfect for our louvres because while weight is an important consideration for structural purposes, we still need to use something that’s robust enough to last. Aluminium is ideal in this respect, as it’s moulded to meet our specifications while remaining strong and durable once in place. 

In this country, where so many of our homes are in coastal areas, corrosion is always an issue. This is another reason why aluminium is perfect for louvres in New Zealand. Aluminium is a corrosion-resistant metal that naturally generates its own protective coating. This makes it a superb material for homes by the sea, coastal living and in areas of high rainfall or humidity. 

We could go on talking about the benefits of aluminium. For example, we could tell you about its ability to reflect light and heat, which is important during summertime. But in these more environmentally-aware times, we’ll finish by talking about aluminium’s green-friendly credentials. 

Aluminium is recyclable. During recycling, it retains all of its original properties. More and more Kiwis are conscious about the materials that are being used to build and enhance their home. They want to know how those materials affect the environment. So, it’s good for the team at Louvretec NZ to be able to point to our aluminium louvres as being made from sustainable and recyclable material.  

There is every reason to use aluminium louvres in New Zealand because the material has an appeal that goes beyond aesthetics. It ticks all the right boxes as a material, and that’s why LouvreTec NZ is so enthusiastic about using it in constructing our product range.