The Block Glasshouse

200 SUPER ROOF - used on The Block Glasshouse       

The 200 Super Roof has been engineered for superior spanning capabilities and strength. With the ability to span a large 4.8 metres in high wind zones, the Super Roof is able to achieve an extra metre more than other roof styles. Apart from offering a larger protected space to enjoy, in many instances the extra span eliminates the need for double roofs with mid beams as currently required. 

For lower wind zones that still require large span capabilities there is the 200 Super Roof Lite option. It has the same style blade and features, but without the heavy-duty components thus making it a more economical option for customers

Control light, shade, ventilation & weather
Louvretec’s award winning Spiral Pivot System allows the blades to rotate 180o giving you complete control over the level of sunlight, shade and weather protection. The blades can be rotated to allow full sunlight to flow through or can be partially opened to provide shade and ventilation. Louvre blades can be stopped at any position throughout the full 180orotation giving you complete control and flexibility.


  • Super Spanning.
  • Unique blade spanning capabilities of 4m in Very High wind zones.
  • The Super Roof uses Louvretec's award winning Spiral Pivot System which keeps the operating mechanisms hidden.
  • A newly developed side mounted gearbox enables the Somfy motor to also be hidden.
  • Brand new extra wide 185mm gutter system provides extra capacity and splash protection.
  • Gutters are mitre cut in each corner with a colour matched gutter corner clip providing solid corner fixing so rivets and screws are hidden.


  • Manual hand crank
  • Motorised - combine with wind/sun & rain sensors for complete automation