Why outdoor blinds are a great addition to homes

Making the popular addition of premium quality outdoor blinds to your patio can help you find the right balance between indoor and outdoor. Especially with summer on the horizon, now is a vital time of year to ensure your garden meets your needs for the sunny season. Summer revolves around enjoyment; The enjoyment of barbeques, garden parties and relaxing in the sun on lazy weekend days. Roller outdoor blinds offer easy protection from the elements all year round whether keeping heat in or keeping heat out. Aesthetically pleasing when rolled up or down, if you’re looking to make a great addition to your patio or deck area, read on and discover how outdoor blinds are what you have been looking for to complete your outdoor room.

  1.  Easy to Use

Available either  motorised ormanually raised, outdoor blinds are customisable to match your preferences and keep you connected with nature. Simple, easy to use.

  1.  Versatility

Select your choice of colour of the mesh along with the size of ‘openness’ of the fine holes that make up the mesh.  They give any space a tidy and practical twist whilst looking great. 

  1. Privacy & Wind Protection

Outdoor blinds offer a layer of privacy and also protection from the elements. We all understand how important privacy is in our own homes. Now you can extend that to your outdoor room. Mesh blinds are a great way to let a gentle breeze in to your outdoor room, or alternatively to keep the weather out.

  1.  Energy friendly

Outdoor blinds can assist with reducing your energy bill. This is because they assist in keeping the heat out when it’s too hot outside and keeping the heat in during the winter months. Electricity consumption can be reduced with the use of them.

Louvretec offers a range of outdoor blinds including Mesh Shade Blinds & Clear PVC Screens/Blinds. Mesh Shade Blinds are ideal for cooling, shade and privacy, whilst Clear PVC Outdoor Blinds are ideal for wind & rain protection and come in a range of colours. Easy protection from the elements all year round is aesthetically pleasing when up or down.

You don’t have to wait any longer to make this stylish and functional addition to your outdoors. Make an enquiry and we’d be happy to help.